Catchy Song…Bad Theology

Jesus, tell my Father I want to be His child again
Tell Him what my name is In case He’s forgotten
Tell Him I’m the woman at the well Drawing water
And I’m sorry if I’ve been His Reluctant daughter

Jesus, tell my angels To keep me in their prayers
Remind them how I need To feel them everywhere
Tell ’em I’m ready to drink Living water
I don’t want my angels to think I’m His reluctant daughter

Jesus, tell my Father I want to come to heaven
Tell Him to shout my name out So I won’t be forgotten

-Lyrics by Sally Barris and Jon Vezner
Sung by Martina McBride

OK, I really like Martina’s music. When I’m in the mood for country, she’s at the top of my list. Since the CD with this song is in my car player, I heard “Reluctant Daughter” a couple of days ago. I even voiced my opinion–which is rare since I so often drive only with children 2 years old and younger–to my husband, that this song was really sweet and catchy, but the theology was just twisted enough to exasperate me. I do appreciate the allusion to the woman at the well, a wandering soul who regrets having wandered away and wishes to return to the family. Haven’t most of us been in that situation at some point? So the overall message is “I want to come back.” Got it.

If only the writers had phrased it differently. For instance, she’s talking to Jesus, but asking him to pass along some messages to the Father (I can live with that) and her angels. Oops. Seems like she should have stuck with telling Jesus that she was sorry for being reluctant. He’s the one who counts, and the one who can change her life…not her (I assume, guardian) angel.

But really, even the first line has problems: “I want to be His child again.” Once you are His child, you are always his child. Nothing can snatch us out of His hand (John 10:29). Then, in line two: “in case he’s forgotten” (repeated in the last line). Does God forget his child? Can he? Absolutely not!

Even my almost-six-year-old, who heard the song today and apparently was listening closely, caught the error in the lyrics. He piped up as the song faded away, “Mom, that lady didn’t know she really was going to go to heaven.” After some questioning to see what he really meant, it became clear that he felt bad for the singer (“the lady”) because she thought God might forget her, and he (Nate) knew that that was impossible. She’s talking to Jesus, referring to God as “Father,” and wanting to be his child, so Nate figured she must have already believed in Jesus…and heaven is guaranteed to those who believe. So what’s her problem?! He felt sorry that she was so confused.

I was so proud.

But every time I hear the song, it frustrates me that bad theology–close, but not truly accurate–might confuse someone who has strayed from God.

“…if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that
God raised him from the dead,
you will be
saved” (Romans 10:9) .

On the other hand, I luuuuvv “In My Daughter’s Eyes” and “This One’s For the Girls.”

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