How Would My Life Be Different?

Pez, Backdraft, Icy Hot, Belle, Chaps, Falling Star, Comanche, Puck, Filibuster, Jawbreaker, Coondog, Do-Re-Mi, Fezzik, Opee, Edelweiss.

There were more, but I just can’t remember them all. You might be wondering “More what?” No, you mean, “More who?”

The names above are camp names of old friends (mine is the last one) from Pine Cove, a Christian family and kids camp out in Tyler, TX. This weekend I dragged my entire family through the pouring rain–bless you, my sweet hubby–to spend Sunday afternoon at PC’s 40th anniversary reunion. Thankfully the rain held off there and we were able to enjoy the fellowship, food, music, and memories.

Puck (Lance Wooldridge) got us clapping and laughing with old camp songs, complete with silly hand/body motions. Falling Star (Anthony Evans), one of my “kids” the summer of 92, entertained us with some of his current singles you might hear on the radio. We heard testimonies and a little history regarding how Pine Cove began and where it is going.

The director, Mario “I forget his camp name,” asked us to consider this question: how would your life be different without Pine Cove’s influence?

My first thought? I wouldn’t be married to John these past 10 years (let’s count’em!). Why? I met him at DTS, and it was at Pine Cove that I first was introduced to men who attended DTS–Bible teachers who really knew how to explain the Word and apply its truths to life. I decided one summer at Pine Cove that I would attend DTS after college. So my thanks to the Bainses and Ragusas, the families who first took me to Pine Cove as a tagalong teen the summer of ’86.

Also, I wouldn’t have the foundational friendships I have now: Erin Blaydes–and her family of course–Kirk, Shawn, Christy, Kerri, Mike, Julie…I have absolutely no idea what path I would have taken after LSU if the Lord hadn’t used my time and relationships at Pine Cove to direct me towards Dallas and all that flowed from there. I am so grateful.

Le Meme Thing

Happy birthday wishes to my older brother, Kevin! Hope you have a great day, bro.

Now, to complete this tagging thing my friends have gifted me with, I’ll share one more set of “did you know?” items, fashioned after Erin’s meme.

Four jobs I’ve had: McDonalds cashier, photo store clerk, admin. assistant, copy editor
Four places I’ve lived: LSU dorms, home of the Blaydes family, garage apartment in Highland Park, Anna
Four movies I watch over and over: Phantom of the Opera, Pride & Prejudice, 101 Dalmatians (cartoon version), The Man From Snowy River (with my hubby)
Four favorite foods: pizza, jambalaya, gumbo, anything pasta
Four favorite TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, NCIS,
Four places I’d rather be right now: still in bed (it’s only 7:30), reading a novel under a blanket on my couch with the A/C blowing, watching my husband fly-fish on the Snake River, on our 10th anniversary Caribbean cruise
Four things I wonder about: if I had a 9-5 job, what would it be? How do election and free will work together? How in the world are we going to save for retirement AND college? What is my 18-month-old daughter trying to say under all that gibberish?

Shall I tag four friends? Not this time…but if any of you want to keep the meme going, let me know with a comment so I can read up on you!