Featured on Crosswalk.com Today!

Today and probably through the weekend, catch my article on http://www.crosswalk.com/. “The Male Church Leader’s Guide to Female Conflict Resolution” is an adaptation of a chapter from our new release Leading Women Who Wound. Crosswalk has featured it as their top article for the day, but you can find it here at all times.

The book itself arrived this week, and as always it was a thrill to hold my new “baby” for the first time. I told my son, who was standing there when I opened the box–feet tapping, face beaming–that it was almost like holding him when he was born. A new creation that I helped produce :). So exciting, so rewarding.

He laughed at me. Then he got serious.

“Can I have my snack now?”

Planning Ahead…WAY Ahead

Next fall my middle child will enter kindergarten. He seems pretty excited. His little sister, who will still be 3 when the fall semester starts, seems even more excited–and she can’t even attend! But I’ve come to realize that with her pal gone, she is going to be one lost little soul wandering around this big house alone. No, wait–she’s going to find ME and demand ME to be her new playmate!

At a reasonable rate, hanging out with my daughter and teaching her to read, write, and do arithmetic on the pre-K level isn’t such a bad gig. I can do that a few days a week, and it will be fun to have that one-on-one time with her. But 5 days a week?? She will get lonely, I will go crazy, and my freelance business will tank. She needs company. And so I begin searching for preschools in the area…

Lo and behold, it’s time to register her at some local church preschools… NOW! Slap down that deposit, get her on that list. Dang. I live in a semi-rural town, with a big city 10 miles away and other small towns in between. I’d really rather not drive 40 miles a day if I can help it. But such is life up here in the boonies.

So, if anyone in the area who happens to read this blog has any suggestions on great preschools (2 day, 3 day programs), please let me know! My research has begun, but it needs help.