Happy Father’s Day, John!

Day one of fatherhood: hanging out with Nate in the hospital room (He’s kinda cute…what do I do now?)

Napping with Baby Jack at home. (I’ve got the hang of this cuddling thing.)

In the delivery room with Maggie, diapering her up for the first time. (I’m a pro at this!)

You are such a great Dad! I’m so proud to be your wife and the mother of your children. I couldn’t have picked a better father for them. Your devotion and love are evident in how you work, play, discipline, pray, tease, laugh, cuddle, wrestle, teach, and protect them. I thank God for you every day!

Happy Father’s Day!

A Family Divided?

LSU advanced to the College World Series championship series (best 2 out of 3) on the strength of their skillful pitching game and monster bats. They defeated Arkansas 14-5 yesterday–it was never close. Four home runs and six shutout innings put the game away. This team reminds me of Skip Bertman’s dynasty of the 1990s when LSU won 5 CWS championships. Monday’s game ought to be fun…

…because we’ll be playing against TEXAS! Yes, I live in Texas and have many Longhorn friends. As is often the case, since the two teams rarely meet, I’ll even cheer for Texas if LSU isn’t in the picture.

Not this time, obviously.

The kids and I will be wearing our purple and gold proudly (and loudly, so Daddy won’t miss it), even if Daddy pulls out the burnt orange (a rare sight but you never know). The van will keep its Tiger paw, the front yard its LSU flag. My Cajun neighbors and we will hunker down together, weathering the storm of local indignation WHEN WE WIN IT ALL!!!