Women of Faith Recap

Fun weekend. Lots of highlights to share, but those will wait for another post. This blog is dedicated to the uniqueness of a conference made for women only.

Top 10 Things We Observed at Women of Faith That You’ll Never See at a Men’s Conference:

1.   Color coordinated lighting and stage decor.
2.   Converted bathrooms.
3.   Colorful group t-shirts proclaiming church or group affiliation.
4.   Mugging for the camera as it pans the audience during breaks.
5.   Random squeals in the audience.
6.   Mentioning menstrual cramps, childbirth and high heels (is there a male equivalent to such topics?).
7.   Sparkly red “Dorothy” shoes, combat boots, and a speaker doing the splits, all on stage.
8.   The camera singling out the rare (and unaware) person of the opposite sex, then encircling his mug shot with a heart and the word “Single!” on screen. Funny at a women’s conference, creepy at a men’s.
9.   The need for copious amounts of kleenex.
10.  Jewelry and tote bags for sale on the merchandise table.

Women of Faith and SEC Football

Yes, they go together. At least in my little world. Starting tomorrow I have a big week ahead of me. Women of Faith, the organization, invited me to blog about their Dallas conference, Over the Top. Since it’s my first time to attend one of these whopping, big events, I should come to it with the fresh eyes of a newbie. Veterans of these events seem to love them–I guess if you keep going back six years in a row you must have found something worthwhile.

But honestly, I’m going in with rather low expectations. Here’s what I think I’ll get: a great show, fun music, lots of laughs, a few pats on the back and maybe some encouragement in my spiritual walk. Here’s what I hope I’ll get: all of the above, plus a challenge to get out of my North Dallas-top-10-wealthiest-county-in-America bubble, a call to action for Jesus with tangible resources to help me get started, biblical teaching to back up these challenges and encouragements, and a sense of discomfort with my safe, snug life.

Stay tuned for my blog updates next week. I’ll let you know which won out–my expectations, or my hopes.

After those blogs, you might not hear from me for awhile. The following Saturday, September 3, I’ll be indulging in a real religious experience–LSU football. Not just a game, but the opening game, in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX (just down the road from me), with an old college buddy and about 40,000 other LSU addicts alumni & fans. My husband and children will be home cheering me on from the living room happy that Mom gets to indulge her addiction without them. (Sigh. Winning them over to the light takes time.) I’ve been floating a few inches off the floor ever since my friend called to offer the extra ticket.

That game is gonna rock this town!

I’m just glad the game and the conference are happening on two different weekends…