How To Catch a Prince

Book reviewers face many dangers, most of them related to their sleep cycles and pocketbooks. While usually authors or publishers provide reviewers with free copies in exchange for honest reviews, the problem arises when the reviewer loves the book so much that she proceeds to go online and purchase the rest of that author’s works.

I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Okay, that’s a joke.

After reviewing Rachel Hauck’s modern fairytale, Once Upon a Prince, I donated to her retirement/grocery/coffee fund through purchases of every one of her previous books. I then bought (at retail price!) the second installment of her Royal Wedding Series, Princess Ever After.

Since then, I’ve kept my eye out for the third and final book of the series. Followed her on Twitter and Facebook, then signed up to join her launch team. All so I could introduce my friends to Rachel and her loveable royal characters. If you enjoy contemporary, inspirational fiction—with a heavy side of royalty and humor—make plans to pick up your copy of How to Catch a Prince.

Available to the general public tomorrow, February 24, 2015. I posted this review on Goodreads:

Rachel Hauck wraps up her Royal Wedding series with a witty yet poignant, modern yet historical, sweet yet sassy love story between Prince Stephen and heiress Corina del Rey. When the movie about King Stephen I, lauded ancestor to the current Brighton royal family, debuts, Corina’s editor sends her to scoop an interview with the star—and anything else she can uncover. But Corina’s hiding a secret, one that a visit to Brighton will threaten. Prince Stephen, nursing an injured ankle and a wounded soul, must confront his past before he can truly move on with his future. Together, they emit sparks, both witty and romantic. The author adds some mystical elements which actually work (i.e., they aren’t corny), while the heavy themes of war, loss, and forgiveness give this romance an unusual depth and reality. It’s always good to see King Nathaniel and his American queen, Susanna, of course, and other secondary characters fill out the story quite nicely. Sometimes trilogies lose their momentum, but Brighton’s story wraps up with a satisfying flourish!”

And yes, I stayed up way too late reading my pdf review copy, and I plan to lighten my wallet a bit with a paperback copy. Perhaps you should too?

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Everything New Again

After three years working full time with, and six months helping a nonprofit book house get started, this mama/writer/editor finds herself back home as a freelancer. I remember the days of writing blogs and books, editing magazines and books, reading and reviewing novels, and chasing toddlers. I happily anticipate resuming three out of those four habits.

No more toddlers here. (sniff … fist pump!)

We’ve gone from this (2010)…

to this (late 2014)

It’s amazing what change four years has wrought. Next fall, our oldest will start high school, and our youngest begins Kindergarten.

On the same day.

I might need therapy that morning. Lattes and chocolate donations will be accepted.

But in the meantime, I plan to build my freelance business, writing new projects, editing others’ manuscripts, coaching new authors on how to proceed with the publication process, and more. To that end, I’ve created a new Facebook page and a simple website. If you haven’t already, please go check them out and ‘like’ the FB page. You won’t be overloaded with content, I promise.

I will add more features to the website over time, including an RSS button, likely a newsletter sign up, occasional giveaways, and photos.

If you or someone you know needs an editor, co-writer, or publishing coach, I would be grateful for your referral.

And now back to mama-land, cheering on my girl in her basketball game. Happy weekend, friends!