Editing Services

What Can I Do for Your Project?

It all depends on what sort of help you need. Copy editing? Content editing? Proofreading? Ghostwriting? Below I’ve listed a variety of services and types of editing, each of which will have different pricing.

Copy  Editing                      2.3–4.0 cents/word

Copy editing involves the checking and correction of errors in the text, from punctuation to parallelism, word usage to spelling. Such editing can be contracted on several levels. See this page for a robust description of the light and medium levels.

Substantive Editing                3.1–4.2 cents/word

Also known as heavy copy editing, this level of work involves all the usual tasks of lighter copy editing, but also a higher degree of correction and suggestion regarding word choice, sentence and paragraph readability, overall conformity to theme and subject. Some rewriting can be involved.

Developmental Editing             4.0–4.5 cents/word

This level of editing may start with a consultation, as the editor is given room to suggest and correct content during the writing process, or afterward if preferred by the author. Developmental editors suggest content changes, adding, moving, or deleting content as needed, assist with organization of sections and chapters, check accuracy, and generally help set the flow and structure of the book. This level does not include copy editing, as such details should come after the book structure and content is mostly set.

Ghostwriting    ( pricing varies)

Have a great idea but need assistance putting it onto paper/the screen? Consider a ghostwriter who can either co-author by adding her own perspective or take your content and put it into words. Free consultation by phone to begin. Payment options vary widely.

Book Reviews

 I specialize in the Christian market, usually fiction. If your organization or publishing company seeks professional reviews, I can help. Publishers Weekly reviewers cannot be directly linked to their reviews, but I can connect you with my supervising editor for a referral.

500-word review: $100 plus cost of book


  1. Because I charge on a per-word basis, generally,  the writer will know from the beginning what the charge will be. I use Microsoft Word’s word count in the status bar; the count is noted in the client/editor agreement.
  2. If, as I proceed with the editing, I discover changes in the quality of the text that indicate that a higher level of editing is needed, I will stop work and notify the writer. When notified by the writer that I should continue, work will resume and the appropriate price will go into effect. If the writer chooses to stop at that point, work will cease and the client will be charged for the amount of text edited to that point.
  3. For biblical quotations, authors should note the translation used. I recommend writers copy the text directly from an online Bible source, though I will check to be sure verses are correctly associated with their scriptural addresses,
  4. I use Word’s Track Changes to note all edits. Necessary grammatical and punctuation corrections will be accepted by me while questions and suggestions will remain visible for the author to accept or reject. Writers can see all changes made, using Word’s Compare feature (under the Review tab), by overlaying the edited copy (with all changes accepted) on their original.
  5. Important note for writers of academic research papers: It is not my responsibility to search for details about resources in footnotes and bibliographies. These are the responsibility of the writer. If there is time, I will look for the occasional overlooked item. If such problems become excessive (by my estimation), I will highlight them and return them to the writer for correction. In some cases, I may offer to correct the problems, but a higher rate will be charged for the entire bibliography.
  6. Students writing dissertations, theses, or other research papers are responsible for providing me their institution’s style manual if one exists. Writers should also discover and inform me of their institution’s stated requirements regarding the role of editors.
  7. My formal education is in theology and history, and I have several years experience teaching and helping write Bible studies. I can work with writings in other areas as long as a significant background in the area isn’t needed for comprehension.
  8. Writers for whom English is not their first language may expect more interaction with me since I may not be clear on their intended meaning behind certain word choices or sentences. Rates may be on the higher side if many changes and clarifications must be made.
  9. If any text is returned to me for further editing after I have completed my work, the fee will shift to a per-hour basis. That rate is $40.00 per hour.