‘Ordinary Graces’: A Review


I discovered this little devotional book via one of my regular go-to resources for Christian books, the Litfuse Publicity Group. They represent multiple authors, helping launch their newest works by sending copies to folks like me who agree to read and review them. So I’ve had this for a couple of weeks and have been flipping through its short daily readings.

Lucinda McDowell has a gift for words and a love for them as well. In this work, she chooses one word per day, offers a few thoughts on it, a Scripture reading that focuses on it, and a benediction-like prayer to close. Her purpose is to point readers to the message of God in each word. What might that word teach us about him, about our relationship with him? Each post is short, perfect for a breakfast-time read, or even during carpool (if your passenger reads it aloud).

Thirty words. Thirty insightful, well-crafted thoughts to mull over. Thirty Scriptures to ingest. The subtitle is “Word Gifts for Any Season,” and I’d agree that it can be used at any time of year as a supplement to deep Bible study or just to get someone thinking about the Word. Why not start with Advent? Or as a gift to start someone’s new year thinking about God?

Read the first chapter here. Buy your own book here.


**Litfuse obtained a copy for me, but they didn’t require me to say nice things about this book. I really do like it. Also, affiliate links are included.


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